Remember that Bigglesworth is free and open source. You can, though, make a donation.


No installation available yet. Visit the GitHub Bigglesworth page and download or clone the repository.

Requirements for Linux:

  • PyQt >= 4.11.1, with QtMultimedia module support
  • pyalsa, official Python bindings for ALSA (also known as python-pyalsa)
  • python-rtmidi, not required nor recommended for Linux

OSX and Windows

Full support is still under development, pre-releases build are available at the Release page on GitHub. Please note that there are some known bugs:

  • High DPI screens setups are not supported yet (such as Retina on OSX).
  • Some graphical issues might occur in the Sound editor, expecially the Effects/Arpeggiator and Filters/Matrix panels, which might look overlapped
  • Sound preview in the Wavetable editor (for both wave file import and wavetable preview) has some bugs, sound can be choppy or might not work at all

If you want to help this porting, feel free to contact me through the official Bigglesworth Facebook page or the Contact page on this website. Also, making a donation will certainly give me much more motivation... ;-)

Source code

Since Bigglesworth is open source, it's code is freely available. You can download or clone it from the GitHub project page, where you are also free to fork it as you wish.