There are two ways of installing Bigglesworth:

Binary install (OSX/Windows)

Visit the GitHub release page and download the latest version for your operating system: the dmg image file for OSX or the exe setup for Windows. Then install it as with any other software:

  • On OSX drag the Bigglesworth icon to your Application folder
  • On Windows follow the setup procedure

Source code install (all platforms)

Note: the source code can be used on any platform, but it is intended for advanced users only (expecially for OSX and Windows, since the dependencies have to be manually installed).

Visit the GitHub code page, then use the green button "Clone or download". If you are not familiar with git, just download the zip file and unpack it, otherwise use the following command

git clone

Remember that Bigglesworth has some system requirements you will need in order to run it: the most important is PyQt4. If you are not sure about it, just try to run it. Browse to the where you unpacked or cloned the code and run the BigglesworthApp file, or use the console and run:


If nothing happens, or you see some error messages, you might need to install PyQt. The procedure changes according to the distribution you use. For Ubuntu you need to run this command from the console:

sudo apt-get install python-qt4

For Gentoo run:

sudo emerge -va PyQt4

Another dependency (not required, but highly suggested) is pyalsa. For Ubuntu the command is:

sudo apt-get install python-pyalsa

For Gentoo:

sudo emerge -va pyalsa