Bigglesworth is free and open source. Donations are always welcome, though, as they encourage further development and new features.

If you want to donate right now, just select one option (or insert your amount) and proceed. Once the donation process is completed, follow the PayPal link to go back to this website and the download page will load.

Any amount of money can be entered; if you don't want to donate right now, just select "0" and you will be automatically redirected to the download page. Then, you can donate anytime in the future through the dedicated donation page.

MacOS and Windows downloads

Please note that Bigglesworth is going under an almost complete rewrite of its codebase. While the current version is stable enough, some features from the previous version are missing (most notably the wavetable editor) and some clean up is still needed, as its grown complexity might be confusing at first.

Note on MacOS: Bigglesworth does not work with MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) and later.
Unfortunately, the only Apple computer I own is too old and I cannot create builds compatible with newer MacOS versions (which require 64-bit binaries). The only reason to buy a new Mac would be to create those new builds, and I really cannot afford one just for that. Sorry.

Operating system: Donation amount:

Previous binary versions for both systems are available on GitHub.

Linux and source code

Although Bigglesworth is completely developed under Linux, no installation procedure or binary is available yet.

Visit the GitHub Bigglesworth page and download or clone the repository. If you want to try the latest releases, access the "dev" branch.

Requirements for Linux:

  • PyQt >= 4.11.1, with QtMultimedia module support
  • pyalsa, official Python bindings for ALSA (also known as python-pyalsa)
  • python-rtmidi may be used also, but is not recommended for Linux.
  • unidecode module.