Bigglesworth aims to be a complete editor for every possible aspect of Blofeld editing, from sound parameters, to library organization, to wavetable editing. Also, it is cross-platform, which means that it runs on Linux, OSX and Windows. Last but not least, it's free!

Let's see what it offers...

Note: the features written in italic are currently under development, which means that they are not completely working, are unsupported or even not available at all.

MIDI support

  • Automatic connection to USB connected Blofeld (enabled on first start, can be disabled).
  • Automatic restore of MIDI connections (can be enabled/disabled).
  • Device query and Global parameters, provided that the Blofeld is USB-connected or that the Keyboard version is connected to both MIDI input and output ports.
  • Multiple connections: if, for any reason (debugging purposes, multiple blofeld devices, etc.), you want to connect Bigglesworth to more than one input or output device, you can.
  • Device ID support: Bigglesworth can be set to use the "broadcast" send mode or use a specific Device ID, in the case you have more than one Blofeld synthesizer (you lucky bast**d!) and/or use special devices like "MIDI thru" boxes.
  • MIDI backend selection for Linux: it is strongly suggested that you use the PyALSA backend, but, if you really want to, you can use the cross-platform rtmidi backend.


  • Dump from and to the Blofeld of a single sound, a bank or the whole sound library (dump receiving is only possible through USB connection on the Blofeld Desktop version).
  • Library management: renaming, category change, organization through drag'n'drop.
  • Text search, to easily find the sound you were looking for.
  • Import of single sounds from .syx SysEx files or soundsets from .mid MIDI files.
  • Export of single sounds or full soundsets.
  • Export the contents of the library as a text file or PDF.

Sound editor

  • GOOD looking graphical interface (yeah, I'm bragging, here).
  • Full editing of every parameter of a sound.
  • Instantly apply changes from and to the Blofeld: every parameter change will be reflected to the Blofeld, and every change made on the Blofeld will happen on the editor (provided that Control and SysEx send is set on the Blofeld, that the Desktop version is connected through USB or the Keyboard is connected through its MIDI out).
  • Randomization.
  • Envelope mouse editing.
  • User Arpeggiator Pattern editor, using a blofeld-esque style: it looks exactly like the Pattern editor of the Blofeld, but also has an intuitive mouse interface.
  • Virtual keyboard, to test the current sound parameters without leaving the computer, even using the computer keyboard (international layout detection is not available yet).
  • Dump from/to Blofeld current Edit Buffer (Sound Mode or Multi Buffer).
  • High DPI device support, for new generation screens and systems (currently under development).

Wavetable editor

  • Import from .syx SysEx or .mid MIDI wavetable files.
  • Export wavetable to .syx SysEx file.
  • Dump of the current wavetable to the Blofeld.
  • Import .wav WAVE files (currently only 8/16bit and mono/stereo files are supported) with sound preview.
  • Drag'n'drop from selection of imported WAVE files.
  • Gain and balance (for stereo files) editing of imported WAVE files before drag'n'drop.
  • Drag'n'drop and copy&paste of waves within the wavetable.
  • Fancy 3D view of the whole wavetable.
  • Current wave or full wavetable sweep preview.
  • Free draw of current wave, with line and curve draw tools.
  • Group editing of wave samples in the wavetable set: reverse waves, reverse wave order, reverse wave and wave order, invert waves, clear to "0" (silent), reset to default sine wave, morph between selected waves (with a selection of 3 waves at least)
  • Reverse, invert and smooth values of the current wave.
  • Full undo/redo implementation with editing history.

(Possibly) incoming features

Note: this list is, theoretically, compiled in a priority order.

  • Completion of every uncompleted features listed above.
  • Simple yet complete guides on not-intuitive use of Bigglesworth on this website.
  • Seamless HiDPI screen/devices support.
  • Multi mode editing support.
  • Further wavetable editing features (add/subctract from sine/saw/pulse waves, etc).
  • Improved and more intuitive user interface experience.
  • Custom randomization options.
  • Fourier transform for wavetable harmonics support.
  • Multiple local libraries.
  • Favourite sounds and "5-star" style sound rating.
  • Patch-bay like Modulation Matrix editing.
  • Oscillator wave visualization.
  • Graphical interface for filter editing.
  • Online sharing of sounds, with in-app download, upload and preview.
  • Coffee maker (who doesn't need that?!?).